Admin Resource

- Vocare Quick Start Guide - Step by step instructions on how to access the online platform.

- Access to Vocare – to gain access to the Catechetical Institute
- Add Multiple Users to VOCARE

- What is a VOCARE Administrator?
- Appoint New VOCARE Administrator form

- Payment for Individual and/or Multiple Catechists

- How to observe your Catechists
- Catechist Observation Printable Guide – for use before and during the observation of a catechetical session

- How to print a receipt for your Vocare purchases - For learners who have purchased classes, and need a receipt for records, or to submit for reimbursement.

- Social Media Policy for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Catechist Resources

- Certification Approval Instructions

- What is Catechesis of The Good Shepherd?
- Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Workshop Pre-Approval Form – to obtain approval to present a workshop for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

- Catechetical Leader Application – to record certification level in the CI

- Catechist Reflection – Call – for use with the Call badge

- Catechist Reflection – Witness – for use with the Witness badge

- Catechist Reflection – Proclaim – for use with the Proclaim badge

- Catechist Reflection – Inspire – for use with the Inspire badge

- Enrich Reflection - Lectio Eucharist

- Enrich Reflection - Lectio Evangelization

Credit/Event Requests

- Credit for local events and workshops
- Event Pre-Approval Form – to obtain credit approval of a local parish or school workshop

- Credit for University/College courses
- Event Submission Form – to receive credit for all outside CI events, including college courses, VLCFF, LPMP, national conferences, local conferences, workshops, in-services, etc.

- Grant Request – to apply for a one-time Archdiocesan grant for a parish catechist

- Live Class Approvals
- Live Class Attendance Instructions
- Live Class Request – for a Catechetical Leader or Principal to arrange for group teaching of a bundle of classes within a badge

- What is Missionary Discipleship?
- Missionary Discipleship Submission – to be credited with participation in a faith group

Catholic Schools Office Resources

- Renewing our Commitment Reflection – for Principals to obtain credit for reading this document

- Teach Lead Serve Introduction – explanation of the Teach Lead Serve program

- Teach Lead Serve Reflection – to obtain credit for Teach Lead Serve badge

- School of Faith Narrative – explanation of the School of Faith process for Vocare

Other resources:

A resource with practical inspiration for missionary discipleship

Meeting people where they are. . .  Leading them to where God calls them to be!

FORMED.ORG provides beautifully and faithfully produced videos, audio, and more.  They offer subscription options for individuals and parishes.

One of our educational Partners.  The institute of Catholic Culture provides hundreds of hours of audio and video and audio classes for free.

Ruah Woods provides enriching classes and formation based on St. John Paul II's timely "Theology of The Body"



Read stories of faith, and share your own